Monday, February 21, 2011

Photography- Julie Rouzier: Uncompromisingly Raw

A persistent HALO & mist of light seems to PERMEATE from a gentle cloud of dew that surrounds her subject matter and captures your ATTENTION. JULIE ROUZIER's photos are EMOTIONALLY RAW and soft. Whether it be the face of a child or the landscape of a German field, there is a NOSTALGIA in her images that makes one long to be PART of the story told or CURIOUS about what lies behind the subject matter. Julie is unashamed to PROVOKE, INVOKE and REVEAL emotions.

Julie Rouzier self portrait- I AM ...

Her images are filled with HINTS of classical Romanticism that seem to reflect a modern stylistic INTERPRETATION of eighteen century STILL LIFE paintings. I often feel that Julie's portraits are those of FAMILIAR faces (those of personal friends, neighbors, family... in ones own life), and her landscape images, are that of a distant dream or FAIRY TALE land. The moments and STORIES told in her photos may seem like fleeting points in time, however, if you look long enough_ the ever present RAY OF LIGHT she always manages to capture_serves as a ETHEREAL touch, that reminds us, that they actually live on ETERNALLY.

These are some of my selected favorites:

Although, to some, she is better known for her portrait work at events and special occasions, it is her personal VISION,  distinct STYLE and artistic POINT OF VIEW that makes her work worth NOTING.

With every click, Julie Rouzier grows BOLDER and DARING. I would like to see the GROWTH  and definitive RISKS this artist will take on to showcase the extent of her TALENT. 

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