Sunday, February 27, 2011

Images- An Eye for Details... Men Accessories

It often seems that Men are afraid to add some DETAILS to their wardrobe. But for those who are BOLD and CONFIDANT, they seem to know the difference a thoughtful ACCENT or ACCESSORY can make to reveal just enough about WHO they are....

These are some examples:

The Arm Handle
Suit Accent (The Sartorialist)

Skulls & Beads (The Sartorialist) 
Steel Armor (The Sartorialist)
Bracelet Layers (The Sartorialist)
The Pocket Pick
Pocket Square and Sunglasess (The Sartorialist)
Button-Hole Accent and Pocket Square (The Sartorialist)
The Chain
Hat and Chain (The Sartorialist)
Beaded Casual (The Sartorialist)
The Belt
Color Belt (The Sartorialist)
Belt Pattern (The Sartorialist)


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