Sunday, May 20, 2012


Who is the HIM that I search for tirelessly
Like the Northern Star that guides me through the darken night rapture of LIFE
I have faith in HIM
Call him my Soulmate, as I often refer to HIM
How I wish, with all my body and soul, he will MATERIALIZE and be by my side
What PRESSURE I give to those I WISH were HIM
Other encounters feel like FLEETING moments

Ever So Gently...

Ever so GENTLY
I continuously try to give my LIFE meaning
Searching to MATTER in this world... in some way
OH how I have come to a moment of NUMBNESS
I have chosen to no longer CARE
To live until the next WALL on the ROAD will FORCE me to FEEL SOMETHING again
How I wish at times this feeling of carelessness were irreversible...
My HEART I FEAR, is too BIG for this world
I find myself unable to SHARE it
sharing, is it not the KEY to the universe?