Monday, February 21, 2011

Photography- Frederic Dupoux: Vividly Conscious

An INSTINCTIVE and WITTY photographer, FREDERIC DUPOUX's clever grasp of visual rhythm brings an explosive BURST of COLOR and life to his work. His ability to PAINT vivid HUES with his lens can make something insignificant_ a pattern of hanging locks and keys, each in its seemingly appropriate place_ come ALIVE and become COMPELLINGLY intricate. From portraits to landscape images, the WARM spectrum of colors and descriptive LINES bring an inevitable CONSCIOUSNESS to his work.

Frederic Dupoux- Self Portrait

88 Days in Haiti Workshop- Day 11

I particularly enjoy the CULTURAL and social COMMENTARY of Haiti, his home country, in his latest work. He recites the stories of people, explores the CONTRASTS of the community, EXPOSES new artistic movements and REFLECTS on the current social & political climate of his surroundings. However, in every image, he always manages to capture an UNDERLYING beauty and unspoken HOPE, that would otherwise go UNNOTICED.

Other than photography, Frederic EXPERIMENTS with other forms of MEDIA and technology that allow him to manipulate and play with SHAPES and FORMS; an influence that can be seen in his work.

Some of my selected favorite pictures:

Although, to some, he is recently better known for his portrait work at events and special occasions, it is his clever VISION,  distinctive APPROACH and AWARENESS that makes people MARVEL at his work. Frederic is ACTIVELY working on his CRAFT, from creating INNOVATIVE ways of reaching his audience (blog, website development, social media) to enrolling in new WORKSHOPS abroad and within his home country.

I am INTRIGUED to see his influential IMPACT with new media in Haiti and his development as a social and cultural DOCUMENTARY photographer, an aspect not often EXPLORED.

Amazing Photo Workshop Project-
Check his website at-
You can enter the mind of this artist on his blog-
Follow some of his social photography work on-

What is photography to you?

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