Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fashion- Scott Schuman: Individual Expression Through a Lens

Anyone close to me will tell you, as many times people check their emails or social media pages daily, I check the latest images posted on THE SARTORIALIST.

The latter, is a blog created by Scott Schuman, in his effort to capture and SHARE photos of what REAL people wear on the streets that INSPIRES him. Whether it is the details of an attire or a complete outfit, Schuman always seems to GRASP the nuances of individual STYLE. What began in the streets of New York has catapulted into a VISIONARY lens of SELF-EXPRESSION on the streets around the world.

Scott Schuman- The Sartorialist
A glimpse at the man behind the lens featured in the recent Intel Visual Life commercial project:

The Sartorialist is a visual FEAST for the eyes and a celebration of INDIVIDUALITY. The success of the blog to me, is Schuman's understanding that the biggest INFLUENCE on fashion are PEOPLE.

PLEASE VISIT Scott Schuman's blog-

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