Sunday, July 10, 2011

Journal- Give it Your All or Nothing

Life demands nothing less from anyone, but for each and everyone one of us to give it our All or Nothing

The Joy, Love, Success and Peace we all seek comes to those who live by TRUTH and RISK everything for what they believe deep within

You only get a chance to be this person you are at the present ONCE,


Let fear, the word "No", the status quo, falling on your face be MOTIVATORS for your PERSEVERANCE to make the impossible POSSIBLE.

In our pop culture today, too often the portrayal of success is misconstrued; there is more to success than 'fame and fortune', there is a HUMAN story of unwavering FAITH and DILIGENCE.

I found this recent clip of Beyonce inspiring, although not a particular fan, I was in awe at her ability to risk it all for what she believes in and her determination to make unrealistic ideals a REALITY. I applaud anyone who seeks to learn, grow, teach and are constantly searching for truth in everything they do.

Here is a glimpse:


"Whatever the mind can CONCEIVE, can be ACHIEVED"

Pursue your dreams until they become an INDELIBLE part of WHO YOU ARE.

With Love,


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Journal- Time

I stay up at night... and my thoughts are RACING
How TIME can sometimes COLLIDE with one's thought
I can hardly believe all that we have been through together

The Chase
The Passion
The Emotion
The Trust
The Lies
The Deceit
The Heartache
The Betrayal
The Lost
The Surgery
The Recovery
The Mending...

It is amazing what happens within a time frame
And also how often, time can come FULL CIRCLE

My thoughts are racing
The memories are OVERFLOWING
Has time truly mended all wounds?

I remember it all
The highs and the lows
From the first "I Love You"
To the Day you left me alone to bear the consequences of OUR actions
How Surreal... Was I even there?

How time has passed by!

My thoughts are racing

Am I trying to make up for time or simply EVADING the notion?

Time is but a concept that holds the stories of our own THOUGHTS
But how I know!.... our two souls are forever intertwined in timeless eternity
With all the good and the bad
We have left an INDELIBLE imprint in each others souls


Time will Tell

With Love,