Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Art- Jean-Michel Basquiat: Prodigious Soul

I can barely find the words to describe this Radiant Child.

I see so much of myself in him, but recognize the inimitable INDIVIDUAL that he embodied.


Out of the dark SPLENDOR of the Lower East Side, where runaways, artists and youth converge, Basquiat emerged with new a voice and vision whose EVERLASTING effects are felt till this day. "Inspiration influences one mind so that one day we are able to reinterpret it in our own way," said Jean-Michel and that was exactly what he did. Beyond the veneer of the world as we see it, Basquiat knew INSTINCTIVELY and CONFIDENTLY what he wanted to share as an artist and his rise to fame. With an UNWAVERING devotion and dedication for his work, Basquiat voiced a REAL passion and LOVE for life.

I am not afraid to admit that I am often more curious to first discover the HUMAN behind the artwork to better comprehend not just the work of an artist, but to be compelled, invoked, provoked, challenged and enamored beyond the easel and canvas.

Jean-Michel Basquiat's monumental artwork collection explores various subject matters that range from his own heritage, visual poetry, artistic process, heroes (cultural, personal or historical), justice & equality, cultural identity and social consciousness of the history of the United States with that of the ancient world. The complex words and images provide some insight into Basquiat's thoughts, opinions, feelings and LIFE. Some of Basquiat's signature touches are that of figures, words, crossed-out words, symbols, designs, and different areas of painted background each with their PURPOSE and MEANING. The overall effect of many of his artwork suggests that Basquiat took ideas, words, colors, and images from lots of different sources and brought them together, like a collage of things he found in his life.


"Every line means something." — Jean-Michel Basquiat

"Gold Griot"

"The Irony of Negro Policeman"

"Hollywood Africans"

"Horn Players"

"Mr. Greedy"

"I don't think about art when I'm working. I try to think about life." — Jean-Michel Basquiat

"Native Carrying Some Guns, Bibles, Amorites on Safari"


"I don't listen to what art critics say. I don't know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is." — Jean-Michel Basquiat

"Riding with Dead"


"Undiscovered Genius"

For more information about Jean-Michel Basquiat life and artwork go tohttp://basquiat.com/index-new.htm

To creative Freedom!

With Love,


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